Amy Torgeson is an artist working in printmaking and collage. Her work is influenced by nature and the colors and textures gathered through travel. She uses wooden typography blocks as the basis of her printing and is drawn to the graphic yet imperfect quality of printing with these blocks by hand. Her prints reflect a modern, abstract sensibility and often focus on the direct experience of color, shape, line and pattern. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children and works from her studio in Sausalito.

Artist Statement:
I use typography to explore abstraction. I like the constraint of using a limited set of tools and the graphic nature of type. One of my favorite elements is a simple repeat, but I’m drawn continually to the myriad ways shapes and colors can be sequenced and layered. Printing with type creates the form and structure I’m seeking while printing by hand keeps the process free and spontaneous and allows for the organic and sometimes irregular marks I like to see in a final print.

For questions or inquiries please send an email to hello@amytorgeson.com