Experiments in Printmaking started with the number 8 (my favorite number as a girl) and the block that inspired my first print. I am interested in using type as an abstract form for exploring pattern, color and movement. Though a simple repeat continues to be one of my favorites, it’s the process of discovery—how shapes and colors can be sequenced or layered—that keeps me coming back. The prints that don’t work, and there are many, become material for collage, a medium I’m just beginning to explore but that has the same tactile quality I love about hand block printing.

For the past 10 years I’ve been teaching creative writing and art to kids in schools, community centers or with arts organizations. I remember what it feels like to be a child enthralled with art, to get lost in the making, and to be surprised by the result. The students, most of whom haven’t met their inner critic, throw themselves onto the paper and then walk away, a good model for me (and the rest of us) as I continue to explore abstraction, typography and printmaking.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, two children and dog. In June 2016, we will leave for six months of travel through South America. I hope to record some of the colors, patterns and travel experiences on the blog: Art + TravelYou can also follow along on Instagram at: @amytorgeson